Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eda Nolan for Jessie Glova Cosmetics

Photographer : Mark Cantalejo
Makeup: Jessie Glova

Get the Look:
* Apply liquid foundation and set with loose powder.

* 15 pc. Concealer is used to cover dark undereye curcles. Use the slightly dark shade to contour.

* Apply a brown brow color. Set with MAC browset.

* Use a matte brown shade to contour (28 Neutral Palette) and a shimmery white eyeshadow to highlight (from the 88 Neutral Warm palette - stocks will be available soon).

* Apply eyeliner and mascara.

* Using the darkest black shade (28 Neutral Palette), line the outer 3/4 area on the lower lashline. Use the shimmery white eyeshadow to line the inner part of the lower lashline .

* Use a peachy-bronze blush shade from the 10 pc. Blush Palette.

* Lastly, apply a pink shade of lipstick from the 10 pc. Lipcolor Palette.

Enjoy your simple neutral look!


Anonymous said...

what shade of brow set did u use on her?

Gracina Estrella said...

wow i just found out that jessie glova now has a cosmetic line!

i hope to see more updates on this blog!

following now......

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