Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Introducing Jessie Glova Cosmetics

Photos by : Joseph Ong & Mark Cantalejo
Makeup : Jessie R. Glova
Model: Veronica Chiongbian


Dahee said...

hello khymm,
i have been silent thesedays but i actually check your site every night. almost.. and checkig reviews!
i am so happy with your new business.. so nice!what could be better than a hobby turned into business.. no stress.... ^^

God bless and to Jessie as well!!!break a leg and bring it on to the make up world!

ill let you know when i need to buy something from you guys.. i have hoarded enough back-up so i cease buying. for the meantime..

AJA! (korean way of saying... break a leg!)

Khymm said...

thank you so much Diane! =)Aja, aja, fighting!! hehe

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